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· 星际争霸Ⅱ(SC2)直充

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  《永恒之塔》是韩国第一网游巨头NCsoft精心打磨制作的新一代奇幻MMORPG,是一款集NCsoft开发实力之大成的产品。该游戏号称需要的配置是有史以来最强的,是中国在线运行网络游戏容量最大的游戏,是盛大又一次历史巨作。该游戏是盛大引进的一款3DMMORPG大型多人在线角色扮演类的奇幻游戏,采用3D的Cry Engine 2引擎,国服在2009.3.26内测、2009.4.8开放测试、2009.4.16上午9:00正式运营。

This is an automatic system to recharge your game account. It's completed normally within minutes but may take up to 24 hours. Please use the inquiry link in your order in case the recharge fails.Thanks!

Please make sure your account information is EXACTLY correct. We suggest you recharge small amount to test first. We are not responsible for loss due to wrong account input. Thanks!

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您无需预先注册Google或PayPal账户即可使用任何信用卡-Visa, Master等支付; 会员支付通过预先添加会员资金立刻完成支付。

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 Item Fee Information

1 unit = 7500 Seconds (2 hours 5 minutes) Game time applies ONLY to your SELECTED Game Area. There is NO way to transfer game time between different Game Area. Game time does not expire unless you use it up. No cdkey or monthly charge. Only pay for the time you play.
 Item Instructions

Game time will be directly recharged into your SDO game account on your SELECTED Game Area. Check game time balance at your CHINESE game client (UI) or log in to first and access transaction (May be delayed for HOURS):
 Item Producer

SDO / Ncsoft
 About Instant Order Service

Payment Method:We support main credit card such as Visa, Master, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Switch/Solo,ECheck. You can choose your own currency to pay and no registration is required to order. Pay directly using any credit card.

Delivery Method: Your item information will be displayed on your computer screen instanlty after payment. And we will send the order to your payment email address (check your trash box too). Also, you can log in to view order history. You may need register using your payment email address.

Delivery Time: Your order is normally completed within minutes but may take up to 24 hours. Please use the inquiry link in your order email if you didn't receive in time.

We support PayPal and main credit cards such as Visa, Mster, American Express.

 More Item Information

This service is for AION China retail version.

How do I register and play the AION China?
  1. Register a free account at
  2. Download the game client (6G) and patches (Using BT to download the torrent file is recommended).
  3. Install the game client and patches;
  4. Run the game and select game area to enjoy!
How do I check my remaining game time or recharge history?
Please notice that game time applies ONLY to your SELECTED Game Area. So please make correct Game Area selection when you recharge your account. Please click here to see how to check and change your Game Area.
After you successfully recharge your account, you need run the Chinese game client to check game time in the bottom left corner of your game client. And it will look like this:

which shows 46 Hours and 34 minutes left.

To check your recharge history, please log in SDO first then access transaction - this page may have hours of delay to show your recharge but you may see your points increase by same amount of units on profile. NO item code will be delivered.

How to install the English patch?
  1. Go to your Chinese aion folder/L10N
  2. Download the patch file (size: 24.3M), and place it in the folder L10N
  3. Set your regional setting as English (US) but not Chinese
  4. Start and enjoy!
Why is my account limited to play for 3 hours?
To protect the youngster from overspending time in the game, there is a fatigue system in the AION SDO Account. After you play the game for continous 3 hours, the experience gain will be half and after continous 5 hours, the experience gain will disappeat. You need rest for 5 hours to recover full gain. To remove this fatigue system from your account, you need enter a Chinese Name and ID number onto the following page:
 Item Service Guarantee

Rosolve within 24 working hours.
 Customer Service

    If you have any question about this item or payment method, please contact us or use the following information:

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    Phone 1-888-267-3036

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