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It's cheap to use Robot to help you deliver digital goods instantly. You can save much valuable time to focus on your business and earn great feedback by providing Automated Instant Delivery service.

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CN-USA Robot delivery fee is based on the quantity and price of items sold. Each quantity sale is charged by a Flat Single Delivery Fee depending on the currency(see the chart below) plus 0.9% total payment. We do NOT charge any monthly fee or any other hidden fee.

Optional CN-USA feature service will also help you save time and effort at a small fee.
Payment Currency USD CAD GBP Euro JPY CNY
Single Delivery Fee 0.06 0.06 0.05 0.06 6 0.06

Fee example: you sold 1 eBay item in the payment of $8.99 U.S. Dollar, the delivery fee will be 1 * 0.06 plus 8.99 * 0.9% = 0.15 USD(Rounded up to cent). 

CN-USA Instant Delivery is a pre-paid service. It's easy to add CN-USA fund instantly using PayPal. We will send reminder email when your balance is negative and please add fund within 24 hours of your first reminder email to prevent from stopping the Robot work for you. We suggest you keep enough balance on your CN-USA account to ensure instant delivery.

For the sales generated from CN-USA sale page or pay link(Non eBay Sale), CN-USA charges additional 2.9% of the total transaction as final sale fee to cover the website maintance. If you only sell items on eBay, these fees don't apply.

For the sales generated from CN-USA Member Order or Sell Your Item function, CN-USA charges a fee to cover payment cost and instant order processing. This fee depends on the item price currency for your item. If it's Chinese Yuan, the fee will be 5% plus 0.29 per quantity sale. For other currency, the fee will be 15% plus 0.19 per quantity sale.

If the Instant Delivery fails such as unable to find item to deliver or order staus is processing, no delivery fee will be charged. No fee will refunded for refunded orders.

CN-USA reserves the right to adjust the fees any time when necessary. Please check this page for any update. There will be at least 7 days advance notice before any new fee is effective.

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